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Juju’s Lips

18 HOUR Lips from LipSense

Juli Jungwirth & Susan Bellinger Faulkner

I like to look good.  We all do.  But what I don’t like is having to fix my face every couple of hours to make sure my eyes haven’t slid onto my cheeks and lipstick on my chin.


I have tried all kinds of lip color and NOTHING stayed on for more than an hour unless it was stuck to my teeth.  Juli came by the Cat Cave one Saturday and put some on me (AND Yvette!).   We had a FULL day ahead, so it was a great test.

The color lasted through swimming, eating, drinking, smoking, and a LOT of talking.  I did not see my face until getting ready for bed and it was STILL good, so I left it on while I slept.  Nothing on the pillow in the morning, and it came off easily with baby oil – AFTER brushing my teeth.




I give this a 21 Red Stiletto Salute

for looking good and easy living.