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Barks for Dogs #OperationRescueTheShelter

After seeing the horrid conditions at the Montgomery County Animal Shelter via Facebook, I had to do something.  How does it get this bad so quickly??  Reaching out to other #CritterLovers, I received many emails, texts, and calls. This is a compilation of their stories, thoughts, concerns, and  solutions. I spoke with several active volunteers […]

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Madness on Main # 3 ~ May 7, 2016 Continental Club

Madness on Main is one of the BEST musical *bang for your buck* events that you can find in Houston. Period. #MoM3  #MadnessOnMain2016  #MoreToCome #PeaceLoveStilettos ~~~~Details FOUR stages – over 25 music artists – local arts/crafts vendors – the TRIPATORIUM audio/visual art installation – and MUCH MORE!! Taking over the midtown “Super Block” of Houston […]

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