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Artist & Vendor Registration – Tuatha Dea Emily Cole Mary Brett – at Last Concert Cafe #StilettoSummerFest

Details ~ This will be a LIVE broadcast on hosted at the famous Last Concert Cafe in downtown Houston, Texas. Date: June 18, 2017  – Sunday LIVE Broadcast begins at 7 pm – Vendors and artists may set up early for the lunchtime crowd at the venue. Each Artist, Vendor, and Sponsor will receive […]

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About Last Sundays….

Written by CatZilla Looking at Facebook this morning and my little eyes were leaking happiness all over my face. Starting Stiletto Broadcasting January 3, 2016, was (and still IS) a leap of faith that keeps me running constantly.  It has been a lesson in personal and public growth.  Attempting to figure out all the different TechnoHooDooVoodoo […]

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Prayers & Cute Ballet Flats

If you’re a praying person at all – even the *Jesus don’t let me go to jail* kind of praying, take time between now and Tuesday and say a BIG one for our country. A Grandma on her knees kind of heartfelt PRAYER. God knows what is in there. You don’t have to make it […]

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Houston Open Air ~ From the Blue Haired Lady in the Purple Lot.

PLEASE NOTE:  Since I was working the event and not actually *attending* I had not planned to write anything. So much has been posted from the disappointed fans. This is just my review as a disappointed blue haired parking lot attendant that still managed to dance.  Opinions expressed are purely my own psychotic ramblings. Enjoy! […]

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