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About Last Sundays….

Written by CatZilla

Looking at Facebook this morning and my little eyes were leaking happiness all over my face.

Starting Stiletto Broadcasting January 3, 2016, was (and still IS) a leap of faith that keeps me running constantly.  It has been a lesson in personal and public growth.  Attempting to figure out all the different TechnoHooDooVoodoo has been an interesting ride that still baffles me on a daily basis.

But this morning sitting in the Cat Cave, it all hit me once again how incredibly blessed I am to work with the most outstanding people in Houston!

I must first thank our beautiful  Stiletto Hosts, Robin Kirby and Vena Ashley, along with their many volunteers ~  You have worked so hard to make this an incredible success. I am amazed by your talent and inspired by your determination.

I must also thank our treasured Sponsors and #LocalMedia coverage on Last Sundays at Rockstar Gallery!

Without their support, this amazing new show would not be possible.

Please take a moment show them some local love.  Take a moment to check out their websites and Like their Facebook Pages if you haven’t already.


Karbach Brewing

Hot Toppings Pizza

Saint Arnold Brewing Company

State of the Art Shows at Rockstar Gallery

Local Press

365 Things In Houston

Houston Press

Houston Culture Map

The Greensheet



And of course our awesome Visual, Music and Spoken Word Artists
Salli Babbitt
Andrew Bateman
Robert Berryman
Bonnie Blue
Lauren Butler
Diane Curtis
Kelly Ann Ellis
Nivida Estupinan
Lisa Hilton
Mechelle Huff
Thomas Hughlefeld
 Alexander Jax
Jay Jax
Jet Lewis
Marilyn Lowry
Stephen Musquiz
Ricky Pa
Cherry Salinas
Teresa Staley
Holli Thomas
Richard Torres
Lou Turpin
Sayra Vallejo
Sam VanBibber
Angela Walling
Joseph Ybarra
Vena Ashley


Make sure to join the Last Sunday January 29 event on facebook for more information.



Volunteer Fun

Our Lovely Show Hosts, Robin Kirby and Vena Ashley







Vena and Sam VanBibber Painting Signs








I can’t believe they are still clean from all the painting!











Sayra Vallejo, Shannon Pendergrass, Robin Kirby, Vena Ashley, and a silver alien that was looking for a Stiletto Broadcasting T Shirt.




Bonnie Blue on air discussing the Art Car Parade















Lisa Hilton
Ricky Pa
Sam VanBibber
Angela Woodhouse Walling – Purple Rain

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