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Prayers & Cute Ballet Flats

If you’re a praying person at all – even the *Jesus don’t let me go to jail* kind of praying, take time between now and Tuesday and say a BIG one for our country.

A Grandma on her knees kind of heartfelt PRAYER. God knows what is in there. You don’t have to make it pretty like a Baptist Minister. Make it honest as a child that is hurting crying to their father to fix it.

I don’t care what religion you are, this is an all out call to PRAYER.

Our beloved country is imploding in real time.

We need more than just an election to fix the problems. WE need to change. Our laziness the past few years has allowed horrific loss of life, property, and other atrocities I shudder to think about. This happened on OUR watch. This started years ago and WE allowed it.

We can take back our country in the elections, but WHAT are WE doing at home to keep our freedom?

How many of us actually spend TIME in the community to make life better for others?

Are we so busy with football, work, and a million other things that we did not see what was happening ?

Was it the search for the almighty dollar that kept us sleeping?

Was that $5.00 in the Salvation Army Bucket enough last Christmas?

Did we see it and just not care?

I don’t have any answers, only more questions.

But I do know that I’ll be putting my cute new ballet flats under the middle of my bed from now on.
While I’m down there I’ll probably say a prayer or two.

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