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PygLove, Sushi, and Fireball Whiskey

Hey, It’s Mars here..

Host of the new “Mars on Metal” show.

I wanted to share a little story with you all about a band, a boy and his legacy.
Many of you may have heard of The Velcro Pygmies, many of you have not. They are an amazing band who I have had the privilege of meeting and taking photos of and later on reviewing for National Rock Review magazine.
Well, tragedy struck as it sometimes does. Bassist Jacob Sanders and his brother Jerimiah were fishing as they usually did and for whatever reason they went overboard and were found 2 weeks later. The whole Pyghead community was absolutely crushed. He was a sweet kid. I take solace in the fact that he lead a BIG life. He was in the band, got to do and see things we can only dream of. He went doing something he loved with someone he loved.
March 17th 2016 was The Velcro Pygmies show. I wanted to go. I printed off the photos I took of the boys in Feburary 20th 2015 and brought them to the venue where they were playing. I was so excited to give them to the guys. I handed them over asking Cam the lead singer to please auction it off or something and give the proceeds to the parents. I had not heard about it until today.
I woke up and got ready for work and while in the shower was thinking “what happened to that photo?”. I got to work and saw a case of Fireball Whiskey on the bar. It was Jacobs’ favorite drink. I thought about him and the guys again. I got home and sat down to do some photo edits when I saw a live feed from their page. It was Cam unveiling two HUGE posters for Rock N Roll Sushi * a chain in Alabama*. They had used my photo! It looked beautiful!
I was elated.
I suppose it could have been Jacob telling me what was to come this evening. I want to think it was.
Rock in Peace Jacob!


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