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Mary Sarah – I Told You So 05.16.2016

OH how I love this incredible lady!!

If you missed her performance of Randy Travis’ “I Told You So” watch it NOW!


I told you so, is all you can say to friends that hear her for the first time.

During this journey, I have refrained from writing about Mary Sarah on a weekly basis and instead have played SuperFan with the #TeamMarySarah Faceybook Group, tweeting, and gushing with all the other MaySayer’s.

Now it’s time for me to put on my CatZilla…

Mary Sarah IS the Musical Love Child OF…. Patsy Cline, Loretta Lynn, with a little Ella Fitzgerald and Janis Joplin thrown in just to keep it REAL, which could only be orchestrated by Freddy Mercury.

She is quickly becoming the new Queen of Classic Country Music to add to her current title of TwitterNinja.

Twitter OH Twitter~ This is how she found me several years ago, along with 84K other loyal fans including the Oakridge Boys.  The girl was persistent at 16 – complete focus on HER goal- never backing down and moving forward with an exuberance for Classic Country music that I had never seen before.

Mary Sarah masters each note, tone, and pause.  She understands the delicate balance between sliding in and out of notes and circling back again.  Each pause is placed for punctuation of what is coming next.  The strength in her volume pushes the envelope higher in *Where the Boys Are*

And yes – I was AT the performance in Galveston with the Oakridge Boys, and at 16 THIS is the same perfect performance she gave that night.  She is a natural singer, songwriter, and entertainer along with an amazing person with a heart and soul of epic proportions.  Mary Sarah treats each person she meets as the most important person in the world to her because to her, they ARE.  The love that comes from within shines through her voice, the platform for all is represented by the tattoo on her mic hand <3


This was her first interview on Stiletto Radio January 2013, along with The Dadvocate, discussing her performance with the Oakridge Boys, family life, Willie Nelson and the many uses of the term #BlessYourHeart.

Take a listen ~

Mary Sarah Love……

I expect amazing things in the future from MaySay~  We have GOT to get her back on air once she is back in Houston!






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