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Barks for Dogs #OperationRescueTheShelter

After seeing the horrid conditions at the Montgomery County Animal Shelter via Facebook, I had to do something.  How does it get this bad so quickly??  Reaching out to other #CritterLovers, I received many emails, texts, and calls.

This is a compilation of their stories, thoughts, concerns, and  solutions.

I spoke with several active volunteers at the shelter- many have seen the shelter through several turnovers in management. Above all, their main concern is the general welfare and well-being of the animals during their stay at the shelter. The quality of life for the animals is taking a rapid decline once again in light of the new director firing existing staff without a back up plan. This poor planning in a shelter with high volume of both animal intakes and adopters visiting daily is grossly understaffed at the moment. It should be noted that not all of the shelter was as filthy as the pictures you are seeing. The green adoption room was almost spotless thanks to a hard working kennel tech who I’ve read in comments in postings is named Carlos.

There are many volunteers who have tried not to stir the online drama which only seems to facilitate the issues at hand. The three ring circus that sometimes happens online has likely kept away valuable veterinary help and experienced candidates from wanting to involve or associate themselves.

ONE point that needs to be noted about the  4.16.12 Visit – the green room staffed by a technician named Carlos was virtually spotless. He was working his ass off. No other kennel staff were anywhere to be found for the over one hour spent in the facility.  The yellow room had been partially cleaned.

dogs in nasty cages 2dogs in nasty cages(Montgomery County Animal Shelter, 8535 HW-242, Conroe, Texas. 12:37, Friday, 15 April, 2016.)

 Yellow Room

(Long Term Shelter Dogs)
No fresh water in the bowls.

Absolutely filthy kennels.
Dr. Hayden, the newest new director was not on site, 
but at one of his other businesses.

This issue and outrage is about a lack of planning, lack of leadership, and a lack of management skills.

Montgomery County treatment of stray and shelter animals is probably only rivaled by the conditions of stray animals in third world countries.

Thousands of dogs and cats come to the county shelter every year (approximately 24,000) and thousands are euthanized, many are infected with contagious diseases when they are admitted to the shelter, many more languish in an appalling condition of neglect .

The great majority of intakes comes from the areas of New Caney, Willis, Porter, and Splendora. Irresponsible pet ownership, reckless breeding and failure to control animal overpopulation is rampant. Litter upon litters of puppies and kittens are dumped at the County Shelter on a daily basis : unvaccinated, malnourished and often already sick.

While it is legal for the County to euthanize every single animal one minute after the 72 hour stray hold expires, it is not legal to cause these animals unnecessary pain, hunger, and suffering  –  to cruelly confine them in appalling filth, in their own feces and urine exposing them to all sort of transmissible diseases. Conditions such as these are frowned upon in our community, but somehow acceptable in our shelter?          These very conditions would be reason enough to call animal control officers to remove an animal from a private residence.

For many responsible and caring animal owners in this County, the status quo is simply unacceptable. The barbaric state of animal welfare in Montgomery County is perpetuated by a leadership who is simply uneducated, disinterested, or unwilling to act and implement the suggestions and guidelines given by leaders in animal welfare and shelter management experts.

The conditions of Montgomery County Animal Shelter represent not only utter mismanagement of tax payers money and resources but a reckless disregard for animal and public health alike.

We can change the way things are, but people need to care enough to say : this is just not acceptable anymore.

WE MUST ALSO OFFER SOME SOLUTIONS. Without solutions, we become one of the many angry people spouting off online which facilitates the problems at hand by turning off many potential vets or qualified candidates for employment by wanting to become part of what has been made into a circus.

Drastically reducing pet overpopulation will require the County to initiate aggressive spay and neuter campaigns and to allocate funds to implement them. We, the citizens of the county need to push for these types of changes.

Responsible pet ownership needs to be discussed with the community at large. The very first step in combatting our shelter overpopulation problem is to slow down intakes by community outreach. We need to provide information and education on becoming better pet owners, more education on the importance of spay and neuter, and more services and awareness of such services to help our community comply with these initiatives. The bottom line is this: better pet owners will drastically reduce the number of animals entering the shelter in the first place.

Shelter Operations and Management need to be completely transparent and they need to reflect the Community desire to move to a more compassionate future aligned with the values of the many animal lovers in our Community.

An adequate number of experienced and competent staff needs to be employed. This is one of the most important aspects to improve the quality of life for the animals in our shelter system. Educating the staff and volunteers to help prevent the spread of disease is of the utmost importance.

*There should be a member of management on the premises at all times, and they are held responsible for keeping all conditions up to par.

This is not a problem in another part of town, this is right here in our backyard Montgomery County!

We are the only ones who can change it.

RIP ROCKrock with waterRIP ROCK 

The biggest tragedy of Saturday (4/16/16)  could have been prevented had experienced management been on staff overseeing day to day operations.

A volunteer who walks dogs had a few in the dog park. Please note these dogs are hungry, under exercised, and stressed- often times unaltered. They are lucky if they get out of their kennels twice a week. There are altercations at times due to circumstances. As volunteers, we are trained in how to break them up properly. This volunteer apparently could not break up the minor fight on her own (she has no place being the park if this is the case). Sadly, Rock  was beaten so badly while a citizen tried to break up the fight that the shelter had no choice but to euthanize him. Had management and staff been up to par this could have been prevented.


What can we do about this?

Take ACTION~~  Not everyone can do all, but if ALL of us can do ONE thing, it will make a change.
Go to the shelter. Take photos. Look for staff. See what they are doing.

Take photos. Look for staff. See what they are doing.

Look for staff. See what they are doing.
Send your photos to the commissioners and county judge.Send your photos and findings to

Send your photos and findings to Stiletto Broadcasting Team at, as we WILL follow this till it is fixed.
Make poster sized copies of your photos.
Bring them to Commissioners Court on 26 April, 2016.
Share these web and facebook posts.
Stand up and speak up for the animals at the shelter!

Here are the county commissioners contact e-mail addresses:





  1. I am a Large Animal Veterinarian, volunteers have brought animals to me for help that were in a deplorable state of neglect.
    The conditions of some of these animals who had been in the care of the shelter for months are unjustifiable . I do not know what kind of policies and procedures are followed, nor anyone of the Staff or Management of this Shelter, but I do know how to recognized a starved animal and this is exactly what I have observed.

    Thank you for caring Stilettobroadcasting

    1. Thank you for your comments. I have asked that anyone associated with this nightmare to PLEASE keep us updated until all the animals are cared for properly on a regular basis. I am angered that what little tax dollars go to these animals is not being used in an effective manner.

      We will continue to hold them accountable, so please continue to follow this on our site, and feel free to share with main stream media.


  2. If these people would stop firing the staff “That Works ” this will not happen…. The people in office here are power control people and a man that was hired just went in and fired people with no questions and no answers. After they got the last bird brains out of there the volunteers and staff got that place in such good shape and ran it and kept it clean. Now this so called smart Dr.Hayden walks in and refuses to do any vetting and fires because he is to busy listening to other peoples gossip. The volunteers are sick of the up and down goings on there and I am sure it is hard to trudge on. They are in for the dogs but once this new bird brain no it all came in there they lost a lot of good people. The city commissioners office is one power hungry people who could not give a damn about these animals. Their to busy going to lunch and getting pictures made instead of worrying about these animals. Work was to be done there but is it done or even started ?? No !!! They Suck !!!!

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