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Month: April 2016

Musicians’ DIY Fight Club 04.29.2016

Musicians’ DIY Fight Club is hosted by Tessa Kole LIVE from the Cat Cave each Friday from 3-5, MDIYFC is focused on the empowerment of artists within the music industry.  From booking gigs to record contracts and beyond, each week Tessa covers the information needed to help bands develop their band’s non-musical issues. Part 1 […]

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#ToplessInHouston 2016-04029

#‎ToplessInHouston Yvette here. Sorry so late, and probably incomplete (and I don’t even have time to make the links into links), but it’s been a crazy and weird week. Check out what’s there, though, and don’t forget to let us know if there’s a cool event around town so we can include it! #‎PeaceLoveStilettos FRIDAY […]

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